Natural, Residential Carpet Cleaning & Steaming Service in Meridian, ID

Natural, Residential Carpet Cleaning & Steaming Service in Meridian, ID
Natural, Residential Carpet Cleaning & Steaming Service in Meridian, ID
Did you know that your carpet is the largest filter in your home? As such, it is essential to schedule regular appointments with a residential, all-natural carpet cleaning company. When you hire The Natural Choice as your professional carpet steam cleaners, you can be confident that you will have a certified technician that will give you the best carpet cleaning service in the Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, and Boise, ID area. For more information, including carpet cleaning pricing.

Deep Clean Carpet Service

Carpet cleaning is more than just getting stains out of carpet, it is necessary to maintain good indoor air quality. This is because our carpets can hold up to five times their own weight in dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair, as well as trapping harmful bacteria and allergens, all of which can make us sick. Quality carpet cleaners can help protect you and your family with our eco and pet friendly carpet cleaning services.

Our affordable carpet cleaning process, referred to as Hot Water Extraction or “steam carpet cleaning”, includes the following steps:
1️⃣ Pre-vacuuming (no extra charge for this and we don’t ask you to do it!)
2️⃣ Spot treatment for difficult to remove stains.
3️⃣ Pre-conditioning with green cleaning solutions.
4️⃣ Agitating the carpet with a brush and allowing time for the cleaning solution to emulsify (bind with dirt, oils, food spills, tannins, and other particulates)
5️⃣ Injecting our special PH neutralizing rinse to the carpet, which prevents rapid re-soiling.
6️⃣ Extraction using powerfully engineered equipment, which produces heat that exceeds 210 degrees AND extreme suction to blast away soils and freely lift fine particles from the carpet, leaving it clean, soft, and aesthetically pleasing.
7️⃣ Brushing the carpet to lift the carpet pile and break surface tension to aid in quicker drying. 
8️⃣ Applying an air mover as needed.

We are experts in removing pet stains from and getting pet urine out of the carpet. Read more about our pet odor and stain removal here.

Whether you are looking for house or office carpet steam cleaning, The Natural Choice Carpet Cleaning is a business you can trust. For residential carpet cleaning prices, contact us by phone at (208) 391-0446 or online. If you’d like to see why our customers love us, you can see carpet cleaning before and after images in our gallery!
We serve customers in the Boise, Eagle, Nampa, and Meridian, ID areas.
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